National Skill Testing Board

NSTB is an authorized institution having wide experience and mandate for national level skill testing and certification. It was established in 1983 as an autonomous body named Skill Testing Authority (STA) with an aim of providing the job seekers, skilled and semi-skilled individuals with recognized certificates on specific skills. Later in 1989, it was placed under the umbrella of CTEVT as Skill Testing Division. Since then it has been functioning as the secretariat of National Skill Testing Board (NSTB). NSTB operates its activities under the management of CTEVT and is fully equipped with increasing degree of autonomy with strong leadership and professional standing in skill testing and certification process.

Many people in Nepal cannot complete their elementary/basic education because of multi-faceted socio-economic disparities. The alarming illiteracy rate and lack of technical skills is forcing large mass of people into the unending cycle of poverty, unemployment, economic dependency and massive migration of youths for foreign employment. NSTB in this connection has been equipping a rapidly growing number of young men and women with recognition of their competencies by means of official certificates and thus improving their chances in the labour market and in self employment within and beyond country and laddering them to higher level training and education.