Target Groups

Youths aspiring to work in technical field, general school leavers, job seekers, drop-outs from higher education and educated individuals with/without specific technical and vocational skills are the typical target groups. Additionally, the pass out from pre-employment vocational training, experienced worker (Employed or self employed) and end of in-service training seeking for upgraded or additional certification can also benefit from the service provided by NSTB.

The service provided by NSTB has helped thousand of youths in increasing their access to employment opportunity with the recognized certificates. Specifically women, poor and marginalized people from disadvantaged groups, poor farmers , conflict affected persons, ex-combatants, victims, unskilled workers with low level qualification often female, workers with experience but unrecognized, prospective migrants often insecure and with unrealistic ideas, returning migrants, often cheated and exploited, degree holder without market going competence, have been directly benefited. Till the date, NSTB has developed Occupational Skill Standards/Profiles in 276 different occupations. Additionally, it has increased an access to employment opportunity for 349091 skilled persons by testing their skills & certifying 256768 craft persons. NSTB has played an instrumental role in bridging the gap between jobs need and supply of required human resource in specific fields of occupation that has eventually helped in improving the living condition of thousands of workers and their families within the nation.