Board Members

NSTB Board is formed under the CTEVT Act first amendment dated Ashad 19, 2060 (2003). The Board is chaired by the Member Secretary of CTEVT and co-chaired by the Member Secretary as the Director of NSTB. The 16 member Board is composed of 8 representatives from Government and Private Sector each.

NSTB Board Members

Sn. Name Designation & Affiliation Current Position
1 Dr. Puspa Raman Wagle Member Secretary, CTEVT Chairperson
2 Prof. Dr. Shashidhar Ram Joshi Dean, Institute of Engineering Member
3 Mr. Deepak Sharma Joint Secretary, MOEST Member
4 Mr. Toya Narayan Subedi Joint Secretary, Public Service Commission Member
5 Mr. Sanat KC DG, Department of Labor and Social Security Member
6 Mr. Jib Lal Bhusal DG, Department of  Industry Member
7 Mr. Mani Ram Gelal DG, Department of Urban Development & Building Construction Member
8 Mr. Hansa Raj Pandey Chairperson, Training and Technical Development Committee, FNCCI Member
9 Mr. Umesh Prasad Singh Senior Vice President, Federation of Nepalese Cottage and Small Industries Member
10 Mr. Rabi Singh President, Federation of Contractors Association of Nepal, Anamnagar Member
11 Mr. Chandra Bhakta Nakarmi MD, Indreni  Polytechnic Institute, Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur Member, Nominated
12 Mr. Jeetendra Shrestha Vice President, Nepal Trade Union,  GEFONT Member, Nominated
13 Mr. Rajan Babu Shrestha Chief Executive Officer, Sipradi Company, Naikap Member, Nominated
14 Mr. Binayak Shah President, Airport Hotel Member, Nominated
15 Mr. Tek Bahadur Malla Director, NSTB Member Secretary